Work towards reliable supply, innovative development and effective utilization of energy to achieve sustainability in our community.



Serve the professional needs and interests of its members and the community, identify and support good practices, new technologies and industrial standards; promote research, organise and deliver education and training aimed at maintaining excellence in professional competence and performance in energy engineering and related subjects.






Accelerate institutional change such as:

  • Development and provision of network services and focused fora to enhance participation and interaction of members to share information and improve understanding of energy policy and its sustainable practices
  • Development and dissemination of user-friendly tools for replicating or improving good policy, regulatory and financing practices to facilitate members and the community in contributing to the advancement of energy engineering.
  • Support and promotion of new and innovative approaches to catalyze the development of financing funds and facilities for energy projects.
  • Build up a strong constituency of sustainable energy financiers and investors and provide a forum for them to share information on the needs of energy market.


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